Dirty Girl Farm is an organic, vegan skin & beauty company that has been in business for over 20 years.  A rapidly growing company, Dirty Girl Farm was looking to take the brand to the next level by boosting its brand image. Our work included full-service marketing and communications services, starting with a full brand strategy and visual overhaul. We ensured that messaging and branding was comprehensive and genuine - from social media marketing to the experience customers receive when they shop in-store.  

Client: dirty girl farm

Services: branding | social media | marketing | graphic design | e-marketing | website design + development 



Label Redesign

One of our first projects was revamping their current labels. For over 20 years, they utilized simple Avery mailing labels in order to keep costs down for customers. Given the nature of inventory and wanting to elevate the look of the brand, they were looking to update the labels that better reflected the quality and handmade nature of their products. the midnight oil group designed a professional, modern label that still managed to maintain an organic, handmade feel. We also updated their logo to better fit with the new labels, and ensure their product would stand out from competitors on the shelves. 





Dirty Girl Farm customers expect useful information and don't want to be "sold" to. They are looking to be educated on the benefits of products in order to make an educated decision as to why they should buy. We work to create weekly e-blasts that are not only informational, but engaging and tie in to a larger marketing strategy. We work with our client to develop periodic incentives and promotions to spike sales, and value-added for the customer that ties into the larger brand. 



Social Media

Much like the engagement with e-marketing, social media is a huge component of the Dirty Girl Farm brand to connect directly with customers. We field and respond to daily customer inquiries about specific products and make recommendations, and continue to further the brand message with strategic posts, product and staff features and special promotions. We connect with fans, followers and other brands to build awareness and strengthen loyalty. 




Website Design + Development 

Once the brand look and feel was overhauled, the website needed a complementary, refreshed look. We designed and developed an entirely new e-commerce platform that allowed for easy navigation of over 400 products, a lifestyle element that allows for customers to learn about natural ingredients, product reviews and subscription service. We took all product photography, organized inventory, rewrote product descriptions, created a tagging system and ensured all messaging was consistent and on brand. We also tied in a comprehensive email marketing campaign to the website, which tracks all customer purchases and website activity for a custom shopping experience.