we work with start-ups and established companies

to establish or reinvigorate their brands. As an exceptional branding agency, the midnight oil group has worked with clients to name companies, define key messages, identify brand differentiators and target audience groups. We partner with clients to build a strong foundation that will guide the marketing and business strategy for the life and evolution of the brand. 

If you're a start-up, the branding process is an especially important step before you hit the ground running. Not only does it help to create a strategic road map, but it helps to identify marketing misses or brand missteps before you go public. 

Established companies should never get too comfortable with the status quo. New concepts, fresh brands and aggressive competitors are launching in the market daily, which means companies need to keep up, stay innovative and current. Going through a brand refresh can provide a much-needed invigoration and renewed sense of purpose, while maintaining the integrity of your brand's core values.  

Branding development includes:

brand dashboard | brand vision + mission statement + narrative | target audience definition | key messages | tagline creation