Autism Alliance of Michigan Unveils Resource Tool for Families: MiNavigato

SOUTHFIELD, MI (AUGUST 10, 2015) – The Autism Alliance of Michigan introduces MiNavigator, the non-profit’s all-inclusive resource for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families and caregivers.

“When thinking of the name, MiNavigator, we really wanted to emphasize the MI, because of all the Michigan-specific resources available throughout the state, as well as the MY aspect, because it is such a personal journey for each person,” explained Tammy Morris, program director at Autism Alliance of Michigan.

MiNavigator provides a comprehensive collection of resources located throughout the state of Michigan.  The Autism Alliance of Michigan designed MiNavigator to include both online resources and a call center staffed with specialists in the field of autism to guide families through any of their concerns related to diagnosis, treatment, support, education, and health care for individuals affected by ASD and their families.

MiNavigator is highly equipped to help caretakers find the newest and best autism resources available in Michigan. Because this tool is readily available, easily accessible and free to use, the Autism Alliance of Michigan hopes that MiNavigator will prevent delays to critical diagnosis and important treatments.

To learn more about MiNavigator, AAoM will be hosting the “Success is a Spectrum” Autism Conference at the Hagerty Conference Center at Northwestern Michigan University in Traverse City on August 27, 2015 from 9 am until 3 pm. The conference will include different classes and breakout sessions on tools, strategies and resources that are available to parents and caregivers. A full schedule is available here.  The cost for the conference is $30, which includes lunch.  AAoM also offers parent scholarships for the conference; parents interested in applying for the scholarship may do so under the event’s tab on AAoM’s website or by clicking here.

Anyone touched by ASD can visit MiNavigator at  For more information regarding this new service, visit or call (248) 436-5606.


Since 2010, the Autism Alliance of Michigan has been fulfilling its vision to ensure high quality services, remove roadblocks and create opportunities for all individuals impacted by autism so that they may lead purposeful and fulfilling lives. The mission of the Autism Alliance of Michigan is to lead unprecedented collaboration that will improve the quality of life for individuals with autism and their loved ones through education, comprehensive services, coordinated advocacy, dedication to community, and navigation. Thanks to statewide support from thousands of businesses, organizations, and individuals, the Autism Alliance of Michigan continues to make a growing and lasting difference for the community of individuals with autism.