Millennial author, blogger releases debut book, Let it Out: A Journey through Journaling

Katie Dalebout, a millennial author, blogger and podcast host of The Wellness Wonderland, has released her debut book, Let It Out: A Journey through Journaling, through Hay House Publishing.

In Let It Out, Katie shares the transformative practice of journaling, promising to rocket readers' lives to the next level. Through stories of her personal struggles and journey to fulfillment, Katie's message resonates with men and women of all ages. Her book guides readers through a collection of easy writing prompts and exercises, and it includes inspirational wisdom. In her early 20s, Katie battled with orthorexia, an obsession with healthy eating, that left her sick physically and emotionally. Her journaling process allowed her to dig deep, rediscover who she was and create a more balanced life that focused less on the physical. 

Katie curates inspired wisdom for women through her writings, podcasts, videos, workshops and coachings. She believes every woman deserves happiness and guides them to creatively explore and discover their unique version of a holistic wellness wonderland that leads to everyday joy. 

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